Transactions not mined on Goerli


I’m having some trouble getting my tx mined on Goerli,

I have submitted 0x8c7dec1cb93778eb36d4eabd55f3cf188d10bf498e6a13ccd6cf952d845b7c5c with 500GWei gas, which should be sufficient? I am using ethers.js and if I get the transaction from the provider it shows up (so it is in the pool) but it never seems to make it to etherscan:

Any idea’s what is happening?

Hi @FrozenKiwi, and welcome to the Infura community!
Are you getting an error message at all? When you say you’re “getting the transaction from the provider,” do you mean that you are receiving the txn hash above? If so, unfortunately, just because you receive a hash does not mean that the transaction went through or that it was mined.

Hey @Leiya_Kenney.

Are you getting an error message at all?
No, I get back the tx receipt from Ethers. I have not dug into the library at all to know how much validation that provides, but it’s all I’ve needed in the past.

getting the transaction from the provider
Sorry - that was a bit ambiguous :-). I mean I can call provider.getTransaction(hash) (where provider is an and I get back the receipt for the transaction. I assume this means that infura has accepted the transaction. After that point it’s all bit of mystery to me ¯_(ツ)_/¯

I’ve already switched onto the kovan chain and everything seems to be running fine there, so the question is already moot. However, just for my own understanding I’d like to know what went wrong.

Hey @FrozenKiwi - honestly, the most likely scenario is that is was just a gas price issue :slight_smile: