Transactions randomly not getting broadcasted


We recently have issues with transaction not getting broadcasted seemilngy random.

On example (of many).
Here are 3 tx hash we got of the “same” (nonce) transaction we tried to send out. Only the last one was broadcasted.

It is no issues with the gas is too low as we had problem previous with, those have gas prices of 72, 69, 70 gwei respectivly.

I suspect that Infura currently has a degraded node(s) which transactions never get broadcasted or some other issue because on our end there is no communication errors between us and Infura and we do get a tx hash from Infura and no errors. And it seems random whenever a tranasction gets broadcasted when we “bump transactions”/resend same nonce. It eiter works the first time or in other cases after 3-5 resends (even with the exact same data so the same tx hash is created).


Hi @Sh1ro and welcome to our Infura community :slight_smile:

We did some investigation at the time this ticket came in and found that one of our transaction subsystems was having some problems. We deployed the fix to mainnet at 18:58 (UTC - 1 October) and our systems should be performing consistently now. If you are still seeing issues with transactions, please let us know.


Thanks for the update. However we still experience the same issue.
Here is a recent tx hash timeline where the first two never was broadcasted and the last one was

Same with this timeline

If you need anymore information from us to investigate/debug just ask.

I had the same issue today at Oct 2 11:35 pm. I can provide more details (privately) if that would be useful @Flaviu