Transactoin Dollar value ?!


i am trying to get token value from a transaction. Currently Im using getTransactionByHash. There we have only the value which is the ETH value. But I want to have the value from the token that was transferred in the transaction. For e.g. Im sending someone 2000$ USDT.

I hope someone can give me a hint!

Thanks a lot!

Regards Daniel

Hey @danielpapenberg, and welcome to the Infura community!

The value in the result field gives you the value that was transferred in Wei - from there, you can translate the Wei to USDT if you’d like.

Hey @Leiya_Kenney ,

yes I know but I need the value from the token. For e.g. this transaction:


The Tokens Transferred value. I want to have the 3.000 $.

Or am I mixin something?

Thanks for your answers!

Regards, Daniel

Hey @danielpapenberg - apologies for the misunderstanding! You can check out this tutorial to find the balance of a token. Here is another example of some code that will help you find the balance, though it’s a bit more lengthy.