Transferring transactions to the Goerli blockchain sometimes takes several hours

I have developed a program with Zerynth Studio to access a smart contract in the Goerli blockchain with an ESP32. The Zerynth Studio API performs access through an Infura node using RPC.

My question:
Sometimes the transaction appears on the blockchain very quickly, but too often it usually takes several hours.

In all cases, I have the Infura node return an estimated value of the current gas price and increase the gas price by 40 percent to execute the transaction.

So I’m assuming it’s not because the gas price is too low.

What is it then?

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Oni wiedza co robią jak ktoś myśli ze łatwo przyjdzie to jest w błędzie tu trzeba doić klienta a transakcje dalej w oczekiwaniu jedni warci drugich