Tutorial: Getting Started with Infura's IPFS Service

In part 1 of this series, we took a tour of IPFS, explored its significance, and explained how it works. Now, we’ll show you how to get started with Infura’s IPFS service, including a tutorial on how to use our IPFS API to pin your data across the IPFS network, as well as upload and access files.

Hi, do we have any timeframe about the premium IPFS service? Is it expected for 2020 or next year?

Hi Christophe, we are still targeting this year, will keep everyone updated as the exact date becomes more clear!

Nice, thanks for the answer, waiting for updates then :slight_smile:

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@Cheryl_Douglass I just went through the tutorial. Thanks for it. I noticed data will be pinned for 6 months only. Is there a way so that data stay there forever?

Hi @sacgrover - if you pin the objects (if you’re using add, then pin = true by default), they’re pinned until you unpin them (which will be available as part of our premium service). We only do garbage collection when the data store needs to reclaim space. The 6-month rule applies to when the uploaded data was last used/accessed, so as long as you’re using it, it’ll stay pinned.


which will be available as part of our premium

Does this mean that pinning 6 months rules is available for free plan currently but will be charged in the future?

Hi @wildmouse and welcome to the Infura community! Currently, we don’t offer a way to unpin your objects; that is what is becoming available with the premium service. The 6-month rule will continue to apply for all pinned objects.