Unpin file added on infura node

Good day, i added a file for testing using: ipfs.add(files, {pin: true}) and would like to know how to remove/unpin it, can you redirect me on the documentation explaining how to do that?

I’m aware that if any other node have requested the file it will still be available but i was wondering about when the file was only pinned on infura node with no other node requesting oit.

Thank you in advance, have a nice week enf

Hi @Christophe_Verdot, with our current free IPFS service, unpinning files is not available. This is something that will be part of our premium IPFS offering that is currently under development.

Ok perfect thank you :slight_smile:

Hello! I have the same question/circumstance :female_detective:

@wuehler, are you able to provide any update on when the premium service will be available and whether pin_rm will be one of the exposed APIs in the premium service?