Upload folder of size more than 500 mb to infura ipfs node

I am using the curl API below to upload the content of the folder but getting a 502 gateway error. Is there any way to upload the content of the folder rather than every file one by one.

curl “https://ipfs.infura.io:5001/api/v0/add?wrap-with-directory=true
-F file=@"/home/helium/Downloads/hls-test/master.m3u8"
-F file=@"/home/helium/Downloads/hls-test/master0.ts"
-F file=@"/home/helium/Downloads/hls-test/master1.ts"
-F file=@"/home/helium/Downloads/hls-test/master2.ts"
-F file=@"/home/helium/Downloads/hls-test/master3.ts"
-F file=@"/home/helium/Downloads/hls-test/master4.ts"
-F file=@"/home/helium/Downloads/hls-test/master5.ts"
-F file=@"/home/helium/Downloads/hls-test/master6.ts"
-F file=@"/home/helium/Downloads/hls-test/master7.ts"
-F file=@"/home/helium/Downloads/hls-test/master8.ts"
-F file=@"/home/helium/Downloads/hls-test/master9.ts"
-F file=@"/home/helium/Downloads/hls-test/master10.ts"
-F file=@"/home/helium/Downloads/hls-test/master11.ts"
-F file=@"/home/helium/Downloads/hls-test/master12.ts"
-F file=@"/home/helium/Downloads/hls-test/master13.ts"
-F file=@"/home/helium/Downloads/hls-test/master14.ts"

We currently have a 100mb single upload limit, in order to upload a larger file or folder you will have to break it up. We are working on a premium offering that will allow advanced usage such as larger file uploads, we will keep you updated on the release timeline for this feature.

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