Uploading 10k files to IPFS


I have a simple Python script that uploads all the files under a directory to IPFS, wrapped in a directory.

files = {“file1”: “file1contents”, “file2”: “file2contents”}
response = requests.post(
auth=(“xxx”, “yyy”),

Output is for example:

So if you go to the hash of the last line, it will take you to a directory with all the files uploaded.
This works perfectly fine with a few hundred files. However, when I load it up with 10,000 files, the output is:



And DOES NOT SHOW the last line (“Name”: “”, the one with the directory CID).

Also, I do not see it in the explorer under my account …

Am I doing something wrong?


I’m having this exact issue using the ipfs-http-client node library.

I believe there’s some sort of folder size limitation in Infura’s side but it’d be great if they could confirm. Adding the files without a wrapping directory seems to work fine.


Welcome and thank you for reaching out! For the second run, where you uploaded 10k files, can you share any one of those hashes? I want to try to see if a trace one hash to see if we can find the root directory.

Kind regards,
Alex | Infura | Consensys

Hi @MacP , We extended our write timeout for the /api/v0/add endpoint from 10 to 30 mins this week! You should be able to upload bigger directories now.