USDT contract transaction not visible

I conduct a real transaction of the USDT contract through as a result I received a transaction hash:

But none of them are in (not in the executed not in the waiting status) though on your dashboard it is shown that the method of sending of transactions was used and it had to pass. Can you tell me if they will appear at all or what about them? Maybe you have the opportunity to view them with internal tools?

And when I try to check transactions through Infura by the hash that you returned, null is returned to me that there are no such transactions.

The block number is shifted after each transaction

Getting a transaction ID doesn’t necessarily mean the transaction got mined; your transactions may have been dropped despite being assigned an ID.
I would first check to make sure your gas price is high enough, and then would make sure you’re using the correct nonce number. If you use the eth_getTransactionCount API, it will return the correct nonce you should be using to send your transactions.

Let me know if this works, or if you’re still running into this issue.

Tell me, shouldn’t a nonce be just unique? I’ve used timestamp before. Should it be based on the response from the getTransactionCount method? Transaction visible with new nonce thank you.

The nonces are unique, but only change when transactions are actually mined. In this scenario, your transactions weren’t being mined, so the nonce never increased. If you’re unsure of which nonce you should be using, yes, the getTransactionCount method will give you the correct nonce to use for your next transaction.
Glad your transaction is now visible!