Web3 balance issue

I am debug the code
var web3 = new Web3(“https://mainnet.infura.io/v3/8d3c9b017476481897f42250cb1fd771”);

        // Check the balance of one of the accounts provisioned in our chain, to do that, 
        // we can execute the GetBalance request asynchronously:
        var balance = await web3.Eth.GetBalance.SendRequestAsync("0xde0b295669a9fd93d5f28d9ec85e40f4cb697bae");
        Console.WriteLine("Balance of Ethereum Foundation's account: " + balance.Value);

the error.
Socketexception: the remote host forced an existing connection to close

Hi @yongyupost - welcome to the Infura community!
Have you tried explicitly closing the connection? This thread might help provide you with a bit of context, even though it’s for c#. Please let us know if that doesn’t work, and we’ll continue to help you search for a solution!