Websocket JSON-RPC specification casing

Hello there,

We stepped into a problem in infura’s JSON-RPC implementation.
Just a case problem but quite anoying as the best web3 rust packages decided it’ll be a won't fix as it doesn’t respect the JSON-RPC specifications.

The exact same calls works fine with you concurrent api alchemy.

Would Infura fix this issue ? Is there a schedule to communicate about this problem ? Or do we have to find a workaround before production ?

Best regards.

hi @jblock let me talk to our team about this and get back.

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Hello @traian.vila, any news from the team ? It’s a real blocker here, and I suppose it’ll be a blocker for all the Rust devs community.

Yes, we will address this, no ETA yet but I’ll make sure that our team is aware of the urgency. Thanks !

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hi @jblock, this should be fixed.

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It is indeed working fine now !
GG, thanks !

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