What to do when getting cannot update a subscription

I’m trying to upgrade my account but getting: “You cannot update a subscription that is canceled or incomplete_expired.” Current plan says: “Your access is set to expire on 07/25/21” but today is already 08/27/21!

This is very strange. Is anyone facing similar issues?

Hi @chompomonim!
Welcome to the Infura Community!

Could you please submit a support ticket this way, we can investigate further!

Thank you!

I already submitted two tickets but got zero answers. That is reason why I’m asking here.

OK, finally it magically started working. Most probably team silently fixed the issue…

Any idea what the resolution was for this? Encountering the same issue

hi @bruce_wayne, please send us an email to support@infura.io and let us know the email address of the account that has the issue and we’ll have a look.

Thanks !