When does Infura plan to update to a later Geth version?

I see that Infura uses Geth v1.9.9 for most networks. The latest Geth client is on v1.9.21.

There was a rather interesting bug that was fixed in Geth v1.9.13 regarding eth_call of transactions with balance. Specifically, some instances of getting an account’s balance was extremely incorrect. The original issue can be found in Issue #16999 and the fix can be found in PR #20783.

I have seen this once before when using Infura and this StackExchange user just experienced it as well.

Is it possible to get the nodes updated to at least v1.9.13? It looks like your Goerli node is on v1.9.15. The reason I believe this is a slightly larger-than-normal problem because a number of developers use Remix, and Remix uses MetaMask, and I believe MetaMask uses Infura, which has the buggy version.

Thank you!

The reason we’ve held off on upgrading is actually because this same change also breaks some expectations of other DApps, see https://github.com/ethereum/go-ethereum/issues/21108 .

We were hoping to upgrade around the time of the Berlin hard fork to lump all potentially breaking changes in with the hard-fork, since people will be paying more attention to changes around those sorts of forks it’s easier for us to communicate these breaking changes.

But since Berlin seems to keep slipping we’ll discuss internally about when best to schedule an interim update, thanks for bringing the issue to our attention, I wasn’t aware of the full context of the change or the details in 16999. We’ll announce on our status page when and what version we will upgrade to after considering the various options.

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