Which account to add for deploying smart contract via infura?

My code link: [https://github.com/NagatoPeinI1/testInfura]
I’m trying to test the Infura platform so that I do not need to set up my own Ethereum node.

Steps followed:

  1. I have created an account in infura.io.
  2. Got my project Id (using Ropsten as test network).
  3. Wrote a sample smart contract that creates a bond token. We can perform balanceOf, totalSupply, transfer, transferFrom, etc.
  4. I have written few JavaScript under src/dlt/action
    deploy, call, compile.
  5. I’m using deploy.js for deploying. Getting configuration from /config/config.json
    “url”: “https://.infura.io/v3/”,
    “signerPrivateKey”: “<your wallet private key, can be metamask, ganache>”,
    “totalSupply”: 989899881123,
    “ISIN”: “BOND-1-SNG”,
    “network”: “ropsten”

For local I’m taking Gancahe’s account and its private Id.
When I’m giving my Metamask account and its private key, I’m able to deploy the contract but I’m able to perform other functions, not the transfer function from the /src/action/call
What account and private Key should I take and add If I want to test it on the Ropsten test network?

Am I following the correct process for deployment?

Worked for me:

for the transaction, I was using the wrong call.
Below is the correct call. I was missing 3rd param i.e. from


Hi @shalabh

Thanks for letting us know!