Whitelisting problem: "rejected due to project ID settings"

I really don’t know what to do how put the “correct” origin.

I’m trying to setup a WHITELIST ORIGIN, I followed all the guides but as soon as I put any item in the Whitelist, I start to get this error throw ws:

{“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“id”:0,“error”:{“code”:-32002,“message”:“rejected due to project ID settings”}}

I think that for sure is an issue with the Whitelistings because as soon as I empty the list, start working again. I already try any that I think off:


Anyone can help me with this? What I’m doing wrong?

Or there is any extra config or limitation to use the whitelistings?

Hi @Marto can you provide the structure of the origin you’re trying to whitelist and how you are entering it into the whitelist field?

Nothing really complicated @mike :

The site is: https://daiauctions.com/flap

But I already try all the combinations above… with no luck.


We’ve identified the issue on our websocket endpoint and will update you when the fix goes live. In the meantime, would it be possible to switch to our http endpoint?

Ok, @jee.choi @mike

I will try a temporary solution on my part.

But, Can you give me an estimation on when it’s gonna be live this websocket endpoint fix? :slight_smile:

Hello Marto,

We have started updating our backend with the fix. Due to the nature of websockets connections, it will take ~1 hour for everything to be updated. I’ll let you know when I’ve confirmed everything has been updated.

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Everything has been updated, you should see your requests going through. Let me know if you have any issues.

It´s working now!

Thank for the rapid fix.