Who wants to join my project?


iam working on a project which is pretty complicated, iam searching for somone to join…

i have programmed an android app already,
need DID Login Option and Blockchain verification processes.

is there anybody?

The Project will be the first self-governed Social Marketplace
& information delivery system regulated by Blockchain and the App we created.

a similar project raised in Series C Funding 20million USD.
Hoping to achieve such goals.

kind regards.

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Hi there

I am looking for a team to to help me with developing my Allowance Token which is linked to the parents wallet. It is to keep our kids and elderly safe online from scammers and negative influences/ adult websites, darkweb market places ect. Which is fully controlled by the parent or the person responsible for the individual or child. Basicly only allowing aproved sites where the token can be used. Notifications will be recieved by the carer or parent before any sale is accepted.

If I could get funding I will source my own team. thanks