Working fine on Edge but weird behavior on Chrome

Hi all,

New here and with Infura!

I have an app working on localhost which uses Infura provider. I currently have it configured to work only with Project ID and not require the Secret too. The thing is everything works perfectly fine in Edge, but when I try it in Chrome, requests are being sent at a very high rate (around 1000 in a few seconds) and they keep going over and over. These requests do not fail; they are succesful, but they keep going on an on.

Also, in Chrome I get many of these errors in the consoole, which do not appear in Edge:

Error: network does not support ENS (operation=“ENS”, network=“bnb”, code=UNSUPPORTED_OPERATION, version=providers/5.5.1)

Any clue on what might be happening?

Ok, so the problem was in Chrome I tried with Metamask connected to BSC and Polygon and it is only working when connected to Ethereum. I am using web3Modal to build my provider object.
Why do I need to be connected to Ethereum and no other blockchain in Metamask to make it work? The requests I am sending through Infura are to Polygon, not to Ethereum!