WS subscription limit

We are encountering a limit of 1000 for the amount of websocket connections using:

const Web3Lib = require('web3');
const instance = new Web3Lib(new Web3Lib.providers.WebsocketProvider(config.WS_WEB3_PROVIDER));{
                filter: { to: address }
            }).on('data'. () => {

When subscribing to more than 1000 connection we get the following error:
Error: Provider error: Error: Node error: {"code":-32005,"message":"too many logs subscriptions, unsubscribe from existing subscriptions before creating more"}

Any way to get past this and subscribe to more than 1000 connections? Is there a way to listen to multiple accounts in one connection?



Do you have an estimate of how many simultaneous log subscriptions you would need? We limit the number of log subscriptions to prevent over-loading our system.