"you will need to connect to your execution client on port 8551 rather than 8545"

I have to say that I am quite a novice. I basically managed to get my setup running with Prysm and Infura and let it do its thing a long time ago. I was using the w3 API.

Since the merge I have been receiving the error -

Could not check execution client configuration. You are probably connecting to your execution client on the wrong port. For the Ethereum merge,
you will need to connect to your execution client on port 8551 rather than 8545. This is known as the ‘engine API’ port and needs to be authenticated if connecting via HTTP.

Call me an idiot, but how do I change the port?

I did attempt using ETH2 using the following tutorial - https://hackforums.net/blog/Ethereum-2.0-Staking-Guide

I then however get the error -

ERROR powchain: Could not connect to execution client endpoint error=could not dial execution node: no known transport for URL scheme “wss”

I realise this is all very basic stuff that I shouldn’t be struggling with. But here we are.

Hey, after the Merge connecting to the execution layer via providers like Infura is not supported anymore, see the changes required here The Merge | ethereum.org
Essentially you’ll need to setup an EL client like Besu, Geth, Erigon, etc, connect it with your Prysm node through a JWT token and also set the fee recipient address.
The launchpad should help you do that Solo stake your ETH | ethereum.org