2FA - Two Factor Authentication


If you wish to increase the security of your Infura account by enabling 2FA, this note will help you understand how to set it up, how to save your backup code, and how to deal with loosing your 2FA device.

If you have lost your 2FA device and can no longer login, jump down to “Lost your 2FA Device” for the solution.

Enable 2FA on your account

Go to the Settings → Account page:

Have your authenticator app handy and click Enable:

The authenticator app will have a function to scan the QR code which will add a new token to your app. Enter the current token value into the input box shown above and click Verify.

Next, save your backup code:

If you ever lose access to your device, you can use this code to verify your identity. Make sure to store this code in a safe and accessible place. Most password managers have a way to add secure notes to an entry - add the backup code to the Infura login entry. Alternatively write it down and put it somewhere safe!

Congratulations, your Infura account is now more secure! Even with the username and password no-one can get access without also having your authenticator device in their hand.

Next time you login to Infura you will be asked for your 2FA Token in addition to your username and password:

To ensure you don’t get locked out of your own account, save your backup code somewhere safe and accessible!

Lost your 2FA Device

If you do lose your 2FA device, you can sign in with your backup code, after which 2FA will be disabled. You can enable it again if desired.

If all else fails follow the “Recover your Account” link, or otherwise open a support case, and we can disable 2FA for you. For obvious reasons we need to be certain you are the owner of the account before we do so!

We will action your support case as quickly as possible.

Save your backup code somewhere safe!