About IPFS pricing

I have created 3 IPFS projects in my account.
Is each individual project available for free up to 5GB for upload/transfer function?

And is the transfer up/down data reset every month?

Hi @kim.sehyoung and welcome to our Infura community.

The free limits/quotas are per user, not per project. If the combination of your projects exceed 5 GB storage or upload or download → it will cost money in that specific category for you (but only for the amount that exceeds 5 GB)

thanks for your reply.

I have further inquiries about the cost of transfer up/down data.
Is transfer up/down data charged only for the amount used each month? (reset every month)

And is the transfer up/down data reset every month?

Hi @kim.sehyoung

Yes, the transfer up/down is charged every month for everything that exceeds 5 GB.

The next month the sum is restarted from scratch (the storage doesn’t disappear, so it is still there and continues to count)

What does data transfer up/down mean.
So if I access a file stored in IPFS if size 2 MB, does the data transfer down increase by 2 MB ?
If this is the case, what does data transfer up mean ?

Hi @Saurabh_Lodha. Yes, data transfer down will increase by the size of the file you are downloading from IPFS, while data transfer up increases by the data consumed while uploading the file to IPFS.

Hey thanks for the quick response. Appreciate it.
Wanted to know if I need to worry about this :sweat_smile:
When you mean download, just wanted to clear this particular scenario.

  • So does the data transfer down increase only when we specifically fetch from IPFS like view in browser or embed in a website.
  • Does it increase when the metadata is indexed by opensea and its backend and then when opensea fetches/refreshes the metadata ?

No problem! Indeed, the data transfer down should only increase when specifically fetching it from IPFS using authenticated requests via your Infura IPFS keys.

Since OpenSea wouldn’t use your keys, OpenSea fetching / refreshing the data wouldn’t increase your data transfer.