About the Bugs category

Found a bug? Let us know and we’ll squash it.

Make sure to search this forum prior to submitting bugs, it’s very possible if you’ve seen it someone else has too.

Infura’s service status can be found here - https://status.infura.io/ - check here before reporting outages and errors, this will have the latest information on any active service issues.

When reporting possible Infura issues please provide the following,

  • Code snippet and a detailed description of what your code is attempting to do
    • Make sure to remove your Project Secret before sharing!
  • If you’re getting an error, the body and header of the error response
  • Are you sending the request from a server or client application?
  • Are you using any common libraries to send the request?

This information will allow us to attempt a reproduction and hopefully help find what the issue is quickly.

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