All endpoints failed

I am using your eth2 endpoint and a lighthouse validator. I have been missing a lot of attestations today and say this message in the logs.

"All endpoints failed => RequestFailed("No aggregate available for AttestationData { slot: Slot(2740193), index: 1, beacon_block_root:

Does it mean that there is an issue with the Infura service?

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Hi @injp and welcome to the Infura community!

We haven’t had any Infura service interruptions reported.
Do you still face this issue?

Would you be able to share the full response load as well as the relevant part of the code (please do not share any sensitive information)?

I’m having the same issue. I’m using lighthouse

lighthouse[1808]: Dec 21 03:46:19.037 CRIT Error during attestation routine        slot: 2769529, committee_index: 38, error: "All endpoints failed => RequestFailed(\"No aggregate available for AttestationData { slot: Slot(2769529), index: 38, beacon_block_root: 0xf7d76f5d5cccd4cf68229eb378545ba7e966c97ddf534df865caafecab6c6025, source: Checkpoint { epoch: Epoch(86546), root: 0x1ed1555490461cd8c2bc51f8462923ee01f5259a1ac156307c53de51ac114616 }, target: Checkpoint { epoch: Epoch(86547), root: 0x70a396d3fdd69a25b7506cae35c4d7f7a8f245b969d502e180f665fec953168c } }\")", service: attestation

Thanks, we’re looking into it !


We’ve had a sync issue on our eth2 nodes which should be fixed, @Juan @injp in case you still see this would you mind sharing what endpoint and what query params you’re hitting when seeing this error ?


I’m still seeing the issue. I’m using lighthouse and the logs doesn’t specify which endpoint is calling…

i saw this in logs. does it help?

Dec 21 21:29:22 ubuntu lighthouse[1808]: Dec 21 21:29:22.041 INFO Connected to beacon node                endpoint:, version: teku/v21.12.2/linux-x86_64/-eclipseadoptium-openjdk64bitservervm-java-17

Hello. I was using infura for my beacon node with lighthouse. Starting last week I started missing about 50% of the attestations and saw the errors mentioned in the thread. I asked for help on the Lighthouse dischord (others had this same issues too) the Lighthouse team hypothesized that one of the Infura beacon chain nodes was falling behind. Since I was missing so many attestations I started to run my own beacon node so I can no longer repro to issue. But it seems to be a real issue encountered by others too.

thank you both for the information, the team will look into this.

We’ve done some performance improvements and monitoring at this point, let us know how it goes for you.


I’m getting this same error, how did you fix it?