[bug] ropsten block number bug

Block number is not increasing at 0x82eb94(ropsten)

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hi there and welcome to Infura Community !
Can you give us some details about your issue related to the block number ?

Here are the latest blocks on Ropsten: https://ropsten.etherscan.io/blocks


ropsten node

Error: *** Deployment Failed ***

project ID does not have access to archive state.

There’s a wider problem with ropsten I think. Some say it was hard forked, others that it’s down or reorganised but there’s little in a way of communication. If anyone from the Infura team can let us know if they have information please!

Indeed, Ropsten had a re-org and ended up forking about 10k blocks back, this might happen on testnets.
Our Ropsten infrastructure should be healthy again.


Not really. even the new key

were you trying to deploy a new smart contract with truffle ?

I am getting the same error trying to deploy to Ropsten

Hi all - we’re still seeing Ropsten periodically go without new blocks being mined, which is causing this instability. I would suggest testing with a different network for the time being until this is resolved.

Which one is the most stable?

Ropsten network seems to be really unreliable ATM.
Blocks seem to be mined at a much lower rate now.
By looking at https://ropsten.etherscan.io/blocks
the 2 latest blocks where mined 32 and 43 minutes back.
Any idea where I can keep up on what is happening to testnet ?

Hi all -
Mainnet is usually a good bet in terms of stability.
As far as keeping up on what’s going on with testnet, check out status.infura.io - it shows you all our test nets and their system metrics.
There was a fairly significant reorg with Ropsten this weekend, which was reported here. Our status page will have these updates, and if you’d like, you can subscribe to the testnet updates from the status page.