Can not transfer erc20 token (Polygon network)

Hello, I’m unable to send an ERC20 token from the Polygon network. The code executes and reaches the line await tx.wait(); but then there’s no response. What could be the reason?

  async function sendToken() {
    try {
      const provider = new ethers.providers.JsonRpcProvider(INFURA_MAINNET);
      const wallet = new ethers.Wallet(privateKey as any, provider);

      const tokenAddress = '0x5fe2b58c013d7601147dcdd68c143a77499f5531';

      const abi = ['function transfer(address to, uint256 amount)'];

      const contract = new ethers.Contract(tokenAddress, abi, wallet);

      const toAddress = '0x515f807cf3b2f74fa6a76d308c60230cdb28d348';

      const amount = ethers.utils.parseUnits('5.0', 18);
      const tx = await contract.transfer(toAddress, amount);
      console.log('Transaction hash:', tx.hash);
      await tx.wait();
      console.log('Transaction confirmed');
    } catch (err) {
      console.error('Error:', err);
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Hey @George-Fx please see this support tip, it is supposed to do the same thing: