Can't broadcast my signed TX


I use Web3p\EthereumTx\Transaction to sign Tx, then I use CURL to send it to infura via my project key. Infura returns my Tx hash (0x…) and… nothing happens! I tried to broadcast it on mycrypto, it also gave me tx hash and nothing happened later… what am I doing wrong?

“value”: “0x802e919f7f000”,
“data”: “0x00”,
“to”: “0xbdc2a3357316c52d1a4ac2f1823d7c15f52f2f4f”,
“nonce”: “0x1”,
“gasPrice”: “0x98bca5a00”,
“gasLimit”: “0x5dc0”,
“chainId”: 1

That is my transaction data. I guess that the gas value is satisfiable… What is the problem with my tx?

Very funny) Nonce should be ‘0x00’ for the first tx for just generated wallet…

Hi @Minterpro_Masternode, did the correct nonce fix it? You can use eth_getTransactionCount to get the nonce for a wallet.

Hello, thank you! I want to know one more thing - is the account request counter increases when I do request like getTransactionCount or getGasPrice? or it increases only when I do eth_sendRawTransaction? For today I’ve already done several request like actual block number but the counter is still equals 0…

Hey @Minterpro_Masternode , yes you’re right the counter only increases for requests that affect the blockchain. So the read-only requests such as getTransactionCount do not increase your nonce.