Compare prices to competitors

Currently, I am looking for RPC node providers and I am confused by tariff plans.
Infura got Grow plan with 5000000 requests for $1000. If I need more, I should pay extra $200 for every 1kk request. In comparison with other providers, it seems very expensive. For example, there are some proposals for much more requests for lower prices, but it calls API requests, compound units, etc.
Could please explain the difference? Is Infura really as expensive as it seems, or are there any billing features I should consider?


Hi there @Realm89 , welcome to the community.

Our Growth plan will offer you 5 million requests per day for $1000 a month. That’s roughly 150 million requests a month. Adding a $200 monthly request pack will give you an additional 1 million requests per day. We measure each request as an individual request regardless of how compute intensive it is. Lightweight queries such as eth_blockNumber are equal from this perspective with more intensive queries such as eth_getLogs.

Couldn’t speak on behalf of other providers who would seem to offer much more requests for lower prices, but please keep in mind that some of them are offering computational units, not a total number of requests, for a certain price per month. With compound units, as you put it, each request consumes a certain number of computational units. Take a hypothetical case in which you would get 100 million computational units per month, for a certain price, and use it all calling eth_getLogs, which consumes for example 50 CUs. In this case these 100 million computational units would translate into 2 million requests per month.

Also, apart from our monthly pricing plans, we also offer custom annual plans. Should you be interested, one of my colleagues from our sales team could get in touch.

Hope this helps,