Creating user accounts and P2P exchange

Hi, I am working on an Android/iOS project to allow peer 2 peer exchange of data sets.
How would I create user accounts, and create specific requests from a specific peer to retrieve that data?
If I am to use IFPS, how do I structure the curl commands to POST and GET the certain datasets from the certain account?


Hi @James_Alov thanks for reaching out. Are you trying to create an Infura account per user or an Ethereum address?

An etheruem address for a client p2p network

Hey @James_Alov , here’s a 3-part tutorial series on building a P2P chat app (IPFS comes into it in parts 2 and 3)

For creating ethereum addresses for users, I recommend using ethers.js and seeing these functions here:

For more general usage of IPFS and Infura, this guide here is the best: