Custom events webhook notification


I’m curious if there is a plan to create webhook notification service? We are using serverless function for our backend so we don’t have server running to use websocket to listen to the events. The easiest way for us would be just register our endpoint to be notified when some event occur on chain.

Currently we pull events in defined interval and store all events in database with latest pulled block number so the next pull asking only for new events.


Hi Marek,

This is a feature others have requested in the past. We’d love to provide it to our users but we don’t have a timeline of when we’ll be able to support it at the moment.

Have there been any updates on event webhooks? We would like to continue using Infura but would prefer another webhook service over managing our own VMs.

Hi @david1 and welcome to the Infura community! This is an active roadmap item and will be coming soon!

Thanks @Leiya_Kenney! Feature request: let devs specify a minimum number of confs before Infura fires the webhook. This would take the burden off devs to poll for their desired conf threshold once receiving the webhook.

Thanks for the request! I’ll pass it along!

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Hi Infura - this would be a great feature for us. Looking forward to its rollout!