Deploying Contracts

I’m trying to get solidity compiled/deployed from Replit, the browser-based editor. I have two projects

solidity compile - compiles .sol files into .bin (
solidity deploy - python project that connects to infura and creates a transaction (

I’m able to deploy, but my contacts fail every single time. Any tips?

I posted this on reddit, but didn’t get any help.

Here’s the reddit thread:

Hi @sorenrood, and welcome to the Infura community!

In the Goerli example you posted in your Reddit thread, it says your account is out of gas - that may be the problem. I would ensure your account has enough gas for the gas prices you’re setting, and make sure that your gas price is high enough (keeping in mind the difference between Ether and Gwei) - you can always check the real-time gas price at to make sure you’re sending enough gas.

Hi! I actually included 4 million gas in a previous example. I don’t think the gas was the issue in this case. I’ve never heard of a helloworld smart contract that takes 4 million gas. Thanks for the response!

Do you have an example of a contract being deployed?

Hi @sorenrood, we have a blog post specifically on that! You can always check out our blog for tutorials on many different Infura offerings :slight_smile: