Does unpinning a file reduce the 'storage' that I have incurred?

  1. Your free tier offers 5 GB of storage for free. Is that per month, or for life? If I use the “add” method to “Add a file or directory to IPFS”, and then later use “pin_rm” to “Remove pinned objects from local storage”, will that reduce the amount of ‘storage’ that I have incurred?

  2. Your free tier offers “5GB data transfer up” and “5GB data transfer down” for free. Is that per month? On what date are those usages reset to zero every month?

Hi @tester,

The 5GB of storage is total per month. If you’d like to add more, you can check out our pricing estimator for IPFS at the bottom of our pricing page. If you unpin a file, you are correct that that will reduce the amount of “storage” you have incurred.

The 5GB data transfer up and down is per month, based upon the day you activate your paid plan (i.e. if you start using it on the 13th of the month, you will be charged on the 13th of every month moving forward until you cancel).

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Can I also ask if deleting the project also unpins all the files that were pinned? I have pinned thousands of test files over the last few weeks and I would like a simple way to unpin them all without writing a script or using the UI.


Hey @TheUnbeardedDragon, and welcome to the Infura community! Yes - if you delete a project, the pins will be unpinned and the garbage collector will remove the contents as long as no one else is pinning the same content.