Earn & Learn Community Challenge- Earn Up to 100 DAI!

Nothing makes us feel warm and fuzzy like seeing devs helping devs in our Infura Community forum. The best way to help other folks building on Infura is simply to ask great questions so our team and community can help you out.

To foster this, we’ll be putting up bounties on Gitcoin for the month of February and awarding up to :star:100 DAI* :star:to our most thoughtful Infura Community members who make significant contributions to the forum.

:trophy:Best Community Contributor (50 DAI)
:trophy:Best Tutorial or Technical Guide (50 DAI)

For a chance to win, contribute to Community by asking thoughtful questions, help solve problems raised by other members or post quality technical tutorials to help other developers use our features. Check out the bounties for Terms and Conditions.

Make sure to :heart: posts and replies you find the most helpful, as this will help Team Infura choose the winners. We will feature the winners as well as any honorable mentions in our newsletter at the end of each month!

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