Emergency upgrade to go-ethereum 1.9.24

Today an emergency update of go-ethereum version 1.9.24 was released with important security updates. After an initial round of testing we have decided to proceed with updating our backend systems to this release.

We do not expect any behavioral changes between this release and the previous 1.9.19 version for end users, the changes are largely around internal improvements and security updates.

As we will be gradually updating different subsystems to 1.9.24 the maintenance window has been set to 24 hours, but we of course do not anticipate any downtime during this upgrade, and hope to complete the maintenance of most subsystems in a much shorter time period.

Please see https://status.infura.io/incidents/32vqdq7sd57w for updates on the maintenance.

If you are interested in more details about this go-ethereum security release, please see this post from the Geth team