Error: Returned error: intrinsic gas too low

I am testing eth testnet.

I want to set 20KB data in transaction. However it returned “error: intrinsic gas too low”.

I get the optimal gas price from “”.

I used “fastest” but is failed.

What is the optimal gas price for data size?

Additionally, is there an Ethereum data size limit?

set gaslimit = 100000 and gasPrice = 10,000,000,000 it should work.

Thank you for anwser. I setted “gaslimit = 100000 and gasPrice = 35,000,000,000” but it was failed too.

I requested a transaction with the same wallet, (from wallet = to wallet) and ,“value”:“0x0”.
Is this related?

what library are you using to interact ?

Hey @joo, here’s a couple answers.

On mainnet currently there is a 10 million gas limit per block, so that is the maximum. According to the Ethereum yellow paper, the fee is 20k gas to store a 256 bit word. A kilobyte is thus 640k gas, which makes 20kb impossible to store on mainnet and extremely expensive anyways. You’ll want to look into signing your data and storing the hash of it onchain.