Error While deploying to Polygon Mumbai testnet

I am using a free account of infura to look at the features of infura as I am new to this. For this purpose I was trying to deploy a smart contract to polygon matic mumbai testnet. using brownie. On deployment I am getting the following error

HTTPError: 403 Client Error: Forbidden for url:

What is the reason for this error and how can I fix this.

Hey @nebupnft, obviously you need to replace INFURA_PROJECT_ID with your API key. Beyond that - do you have any allow lists set in the security tab of your API Key config?

Warm regards,
Chris | Infura | ConsenSys

@chris.paterson Thanks for your kind reply. In the code I used the API key instead. And I havnt added anything in the allow lists of security tab. One doubt I have is that, I created free infura account with no Credit card details given. Does polygon testnet requires card information to be submitted for using.

Hi @nebupnft , ah, yes, you need to enable the polygon add-on in Profile → Manage Plan. This will require a credit card although it’s in trial now and your card won’t be charged.

@chris.paterson Thanks for the update :slight_smile: