eth_blockNumber returns equest failed or timed out

Hi, as of a couple of hours ago I started getting consistently {‘code’: -32603, ‘message’: ‘request failed or timed out’} when I request eth_blockNumber.

Does anyone else experience this?

me too, could INFURA fix the problem (Mainnet) as soon as possible?

Hello, @inf and @sdgundamggf! Yes as the message above states, our underlying infrastructure is experiencing service outage for our Ethereum Mainnet API. Most of the Mainnet subservices are returning to normal at this moment. Please subscribe to to check the latest update about this!

@inf and @sdgundamggf: The services are coming back online, can you please check on your side if everything works fine?
Note, the Archive requests are still offline and recovering.

Yes, I think it is better now.
Errors stopped about 20min ago.
Will keep monitoring it.
Thank you @serena

Many thanks, it’s working now.

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