eth_newFilter never responds

I am successfully connecting to Infura’s main net websocket via{project-id}

And make the following eth_newFilter call:
{“jsonrpc”: “2.0”, “method”: “eth_newFilter”, “params”: [{“topics”: [“0xe59c5e56d85b2124f5e7f82cb5fcc6d28a4a241a9bdd732704ac9d3b6bfc98ab”], “address”: [“0x8fd3121013A07C57f0D69646E86E7a4880b467b7”], “fromBlock”: “0x6e5858”, “toBlock”: “0x6e5c40”}], “id”: 1}

 ... but I never get a response(I left it for 45min). What am I doing wrong? The contract is white listed in my dashboard and while the from and to blocks are a few days old they are neither too old or too far apart.

 I tried it with Python and also via online websocket tool ( but in all cases I get no response.

Unfortunately this is a problem in go-ethereum’s wss implementation that we are aware of, we are working on a solution on Infura that will resolve these.

Hey @mike,

Thanks for the reply.

Do you have any ideas as to when it would be resolved? For me it used to happen roughly 20-30%+ of the time but suddenly as of two days ago it is just 100%… I wonder if this is due to a change on Infura’s backend?

Also, can you point me to any forum/github that discussed the issue so I can look for a workaround?

No new changes that would result in increased errors, recommend keeping an eye on it and letting us know what you see. Websockets is beta overall within go-ethereum, so these kinds of issues are bond to pop up however the increase is unusual so the more data the better we can help figure out a solution on our side as well as work with the client team.

Do you know of github issue tracker or other discussion about websocket porblems?
I couldnt find anything related so I am surprised no one else has come across this.

We are probably the most common way people are interacting with go-ethereum’s wss interface, so any discussion around the issue is likely to take place here. We are collecting information to help file a really good bug report for the go-ethereum team.

hi, is this fixed yet? just came a cross this issue

some works ok like: eth_newBlockFilter and eth_subscribe newHeads , while eth_newFilter blocks and never return the filter_id, wonder this is a tmp issue, or it has been stop working for a long time.

seems the websocket service is not stable, works ok for me minutes ago, and down again now.
does infura has any connection limitation on IP?


Sorry to hear you are having problems using websockets. I just made sure the There are some stability issues regarding subscriptions and filters where the ethereum clients can deadlock and get in a bad state. We are continuously monitoring our nodes to try and keep them in a healthy state but it is an issue we are aware of. We recently ‘upgraded’ our ‘newHeads’ to be less reliant on our backend ethereum nodes but we are still working on upgrading our filter API. What network are you using? I just checked mainnet, filters should be working now.

thanks for your replay

I was using mainnet