Fetch Internal transactions in a block / per transaction hash

Is it any way to use Infura to get the internal transactions? example.
currently we use etherscan API to fetch the internal transactions.

If it’s not supported yet - any estimate when this feature will be available?

Hi @gal432 welcome to our community. Unfortunately we do not currently support this functionality. In order to obtain internal transactions we are working on adding an API for Ethereum trace functions. We are aiming for the first half of this year to release that new feature.

Is there somewhere we can subscribe to get notifications on this subject?

We don’t have a specific notification channel per feature but we always announce new featuers and upcoming releases in our newsletter which you can subscribe to on our homepage

Hope that you can get us this feature… it’s almost as essential as getting the receipt with how contracts are being developed these days

Great to hear this is coming. Hope to see it in the coming months.

Hi! Any update on this ? :smiley:

Hello, is there any update on this?

Hi! We don’t currently support the trace functionality that’s required for this, but it is a very high priority item in our backlog.

Hi, any update on this?

Hi @danielkatzan, no updates yet. We will be sure to update the community when we have one though!