Filecin getting gas fee exception

Request message:(jsonrpc=2.0, id=1, method=Filecoin.GasEstimateMessageGas, params=[{“From”:“f1c5m3nn36iv5yebdi35ytcxpv67trxjazomm6b5a”,“Value”:“900008884830890500”,“To”:“f1oeh63np44wbsbmwcta4ceqyh2rta5hwvn3xs2pq”}, null, null])
Return message:{“jsonrpc”:“2.0”,“id”:1,“error”:{“code”:1,“message”:“estimating gas used: message execution failed: exit SysErrInsufficientFunds(6), reason: failed to transfer funds (RetCode=6): transfer failed when deducting funds (0.9000088848308905 FIL): not enough funds (RetCode=6)”}}
It is enough to query the balance through the browser: Filscan-Filecoin区块链浏览器
How to solve it?

Hi @hekang, from the error message, it sounds like there are not enough funds in your account to send the transaction. I would suggest adding additional funds and trying again.