Filecoin: 429 Too Many Requests

Hi, I keep getting error of “429 Too Many Requests” in filecoin, but I only have 7000++ request today.
This situation start happening from 28/9.

Hi @lun_ethpay and I’m happy to welcome you to our Infura community.

Could you please share with me your email address associated to your project to further investigate?

I meet with the same problem at the same time, 28/9. [Filecoin: 429 Too Many Requests]

Welcome to the community, @287203820!

The issue should be fixed by our development team by now.

@287203820 and @lun_ethpay, please reach out if the issue persists!

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Hi. I have 0 requests today and am still getting error 429 Too Many Requests after about 30 attempted uploads. I’ve tried slowing down the speed but no luck. Do you have any advice?