Funds for infura

Hello, I’m a developer very love the Infura service in south korea :slight_smile:
I’ve owed you about some kind of Ethereum/IPFS things.
Your service is very awsome but I wonder how you guys sustain the cost for all the things?
As I know keeping the Ethereum and IPFS nodes need huge traffic and storage, but I couldn’t find out how you make money.
I think the cost will be bigger than now, how can infura keep the service in the future?

Hi. We recently released Infura+ which is our premium offering. If you haven’t seen it yet you can check out our announcement here: Infura+ Now Live!

As I know your pricing polisy is based on the number of requests.

In the case of IPFS, If Infura is requested a lot of ‘pin’ and needs huge storage, not the number of requests,
then How cost do you deal with it?

We are in the process of building out our IPFS service to provide a premium version as well, we will notify all our users as that gets closer releasing.