Get Supply for single NFT

Is there a way to use the NFT api to get the supply for a single NFT? /networks/{chainId}/nfts/{tokenAddress}/tokens has this and other info for all NFTs in a collection, but /networks/{chainId}/nfts/{tokenAddress}/tokens/{tokenId} doesn’t have it.

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Hello @superMDguy and welcome to the community.

The APIs you are referring to are part of distinct API collections.
The first one /networks/{chainId}/nfts/{tokenAddress}/tokens is part of the Collections API endpoints and it returns all NFTs with metadata in a specific collection. The total value in the result represents the number of NFTs from that specific collection.

The /networks/{chainId}/nfts/{tokenAddress}/tokens/{tokenId} is part of the Metadata API endpoints and it just returns the nft metadata for a specified token ID.

Neither of these APIs return the total supply for a specific NFT or how many owners it has. Is this what you are looking for?
If yes, you could use the following endpoint /networks/{chainId}/nfts/{tokenAddress}/{tokenId}/owners to get the total number of owners.

More info on all APIs can be found in our docs at the below link:


The examples show the Collection endpoints returning the supply for each asset, e.g. here shows “supply: 1” in the response. I haven’t seen any examples that have supply in the Metadata endpoints though. Do you know if that might be possible in the future?

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At the moment that’s available only for the Collections endpoints. I can ask the product team if there any plans for adding this info in the Metadata endpoints. Not sure though if this is in the purpose of the Metadata endpoints.


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