Getting weird error when running script on ganache fork

I’ve been working on getting a trading bot to work on a ganache-cli fork for testing purposes however when I attempt to run the script I keep getting this “var result = this.provider.send(payload);” error. My google searches around this problem have been grim and when asking some other people who have successfully ran this bot, they seem to have not seen this error before and said it might have to do with the provider.

The screenshot shows what happens when I try running the script with truffle or npm while running on ganache. The main solutions I’ve seen have been double checking my infrua ID and .env file but they both are pretty straight forward and they seem fine. The exact steps I’ve followed have been to download dependencies, forked mainnet with ganache, initialize it on truffle, update the config file to run on the network, moved the TradingBot.sol to the contract folder and updated migration.js file to deploy both migrations and trading bot contracts, compile and deploy with truffle migrate, update env. file with my copied infrua ID and contract address, then I finally run it and get the error.

If anyone might know where this error could be coming from, it would be greatly appreciated if you could help me out.