Giving the possibility to create a private Ethereum network

Hello team,
I think it would be quite nice to let us create a private Ethereum node on demand so my user can connect to it. Tell me if it’s in your plan, if you thought about it, and if it’s not your priority why, I want to know everything :grin: .

Hi Mathias,

Our focus has always been on public networks whether those are Ethereum mainnet or one of the test networks. We don’t plan to have a private network solution in the near-term though have been exploring different solutions that might meet that demand. What is your specific use case requiring a private Ethereum network?


Hi Michael,
It’s definitely about mining fees. I believe those are a huge barrier to entry for new users that don’t hold Ether. I’m creating a small project that use tokens, but I have no interest for my users to send Ether or acquiring some before using the token I provide to them. And also I don’t want to support the cost myself. I have thought of using a testnet, but I’m not sure that is the right use case to do that. I have read that those network are rebooted from time to time, and that would be critical.

Thanks Mathias for the additional context. What would be the advantage of using a single-node private blockchain for the project?