Goerli Testnet Support

Goerli is released! Can we have a Goerli API endpoint please?

Thank you!


I believe this won’t happen until out-of-the-box Goerli support lands in main-line tagged releases of nodes that Infura is likely to use.

It was merged a day ago in go-ethereum, and is still unmerged in parity-ethereum.


Coming soon! No specific date just yet but we are actively involved with the Goerli project and are already running one of the sealer/signer nodes to support the new testnet.


Awesome! I’m looking forward to it, and PR’ing support into Web3py.

I also just found out today it hasn’t made it into a production geth build yet lol.

Thanks for the great work!

@egalano I see the Goerli endpoint is up, but I am trying to connect over websockets using web3py and am getting a 400 error when I try to query anything unauthenticated. When I add my project id it works fine!

See https://github.com/ethereum/web3.py/pull/1286

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This behavior is expected, authenticated requests using the dashboard generated project IDs are required for our Goerli endpoint.