HAL brings blockchain listening to Infura

:loudspeaker: Infura acquires HAL to bring no-code notifications and data streaming to blockchain developers.

:computer: Let’s face it: building dapps can be complex. Even for experienced web3 teams there are some DevOps processes that are a drag to innovation like listener scripts to filter raw block data.

:sunny: Infura’s mission from the start has been to democratize and facilitate blockchain access and developer education. Infura powers web3 giants like Metamask and Uniswap, but has also empowered thousands of emerging web3 companies and new developers who’ve made the switch. But there’s always work to be done to ensure the Infura developer platform makes building in web3 as easy as possible with the best development tools. But we can’t always do it alone. :eyes:

:fire:This is why today we’re thrilled to announce HAL, a robust, no-code notification and data streaming tool that aims to revolutionize the developer experience, has joined Infura.

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