How can i get transaction status by hash

I need check transaction status.
use eth_getTransactionReceipt, I can get status 0(failed)/1(success),how can i get pending status?
I have the transaction hash, I just want get transaction status

Hi :wave: @wheesys and welcome to the Infura community!

The receipt is not available for pending transactions and returns null.

When calling eth_getTransactionReceipt, the status only can be true or false

  • status - Boolean: TRUE if the transaction was successful, FALSE if the EVM reverted the transaction.

You can use getPendingTransactions for more info you can check here:

If field result in eth_getTransactionReceipt return data is blank, Can I regard this as pending?

I have the transaction hash, just need to know this transaction status.
You mean receipt will return null for pending transaction.
Whole result of eth_getTransactionReceipt is null? Or just field result is null?