How to get Faucet from ropsten with web3js

Hello everyone !
I am just getting started with Infura, so as a provider i chose ropsten network , and was wondering if it is possible to get Faucet for a certain account using web3js , instead of doing it manually with metamask ?

Thanks !

Hi Sarah,

Welcome to our community and thank you for choosing Infura as your infrastructure provider for your project. We do not have a faucet API, though it is something we have thought about before. One of the biggest challenges with faucets and why they are typically done with a manual process is that the faucet gets abused by a bad actor who accumulates more test ether than is needed and then uses it maliciously to attack the network. Potentially a faucet service for Infura+ subscribers is something we could look into for our roadmap. I’ll pass the feedback to our Product Manager.

Thanks again for joining our community!


Hello @wuehler,

Thank you for the reply, then i guess if i am using testnet there is no way to fund my account (in order to transact with a smart contract for example) unless i do it manually (with metamask for example)

That is correct, there are a few other faucets if I recall for testnets that you can also use if you search for “ropsten faucet”. The good news about the testnets is that you really don’t need a lot of ether to deploy and interact with them. Gas prices are generally quite low, so if you manually accumulate 5-10 ether that should last you quite some time.

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