Infura CID not working with other gateways!

hey guys i dont know if this is a me problem or its general, so we have an nft marketplace launching soon we were beta testing when we start noticing that infura ipfs cid cant be used with other gateways, why is that here is an example

so here is the link using my private sub-domain from infura

here is the same cid but with ipfs dot io

please guys i need help we are launching next month if im doing something wrong let me know so i can fix it.

the reason why this is a problem is because we are using a data provider thats uses ipfs dot io to fetch ipfs links if not we could have just simply used how infura sub-domain.

thanks in advance!

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Hi @onefire,

ipfs dot io is owned and run by Protocol Labs. We recommend using your Infura dedicated gateway instead. ipfs dot io is a free service so you may expect appropriate performance using it.

Better yet, don’t use a gateway at all and access the data using web3 IPFS API calls instead.

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