Infura's Filecoin API Beta is now LIVE - Here's how to get started

Building with #Filecoin ? Our Filecoin API Beta is now LIVE and available for free for a limited number of users!

With the Infura Filecoin API, you can now easily

:point_right: Connect your application to the Filecoin network

:point_right: Get real time chain state

:point_right: Read from the Filecoin chain

:point_right: Send payments and other messages to the Filecoin network

:point_right: Query the state of Filecoin markets

…and more!

Learn more about what you can build with Filecoin + Infura and join the waitlist here :point_right:


Hi, want to use the Infura Filecoin API. How I can get an access to it?
Thank you!

Hi @filecoin2020 and welcome to the Infura community! The blog post Cheryl linked above has full instructions on how to request access!

Thank you very much to your response!

I already sign up to infura and follow the instruction to join the wait list.
But I haven’t yet receive any email, is their any required process to admit with the Beta program?

Thank you!

We’re only allowing a certain number of beta testers currently; if you entered your information to be added to the waitlist, you will get a confirmation from us once you’re admitted.

Noted on this.
Thank you very much!